I was asked to write some words about the aliens and all the corresponding discussions in the internet. According to my research I have the following point of view: The world view of human beings was and is still very limited. And obviously it takes great effort to make small steps beyond the comfort zone […]

The term initiation has always had a fascinating mysterious charisma. Throughout history people were willing to make the greatest sacrifices and to take the greatest efforts to receive initiation. They never exactly knew what was waiting for them but their expectations and desires, their imagination were powerful, a driving force. Initiation means in general to […]

Maybe you also have wondered about this topic already. Where does this hate come from? The idea to missionize or kill pagans? There are several aspects involved. I try to analyze this problem. When we go back really far away in history then we meet the Hindu teachings in their great diversity. They truly include […]

When we take a look at the human being we do not really find something extraordinary. A human being is a human being. In fact we find a lot of negative aspects of the human nature. Humans are quite limited in everything and they are driven by desires, by ego. They often lack of responsible […]

I have written already some sentences about the devil. Today I want to add only a few things. The idea of a devil (which has been created by the youngest religions) is a simplification and so far from truth. I want to point here especially at the Christian idea of the devil. As I have […]

This topic is a little bit bothering but for some reason I have had to read unhealthy “truths” about illusions, God and creation recently again, so that I think that it is useful to give a last comment on this topic. You can always find someone who says that we are illusions, that creation is […]

Just short as always: The sun energy is very special. Bardon puts it in a nice way when he says that the sun energy is the ONE power which contains all other powers and qualities. One is the attribute of God and so it is the divine power, the divine energy itself, the golden light, […]


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