Most people have heard about the mysterious elixir of life, a liquid with phenomenal powers which is able to heal all kinds of diseases and which can rejuvenate mind, soul and body. There exist countless stories about the elixir of life worldwide. It has been said that only initiates with their high knowledge and their […]

Spiritual people feel often not really at home in the material world, especially in our materialistic, dark times. Spiritual people live more in the higher realms as their nature is at home there. So when you take part in heaven, in higher forms of love and consciousness, then the material world has not really much […]

The first problem of spiritual transformation is that no one really wants to transform his personality. What? Right! Most people only want to think and talk about spiritual things, a spiritual attitude, spiritual practice but they do not really want to change anything in their life and especially not in their character. Who really wants […]

On the material plane all beings are obviously individuals which are physically separated, living together in an interdependent way. All beings have also their own mental realms, – own thoughts and own emotions. But there is one plane which is uniting all beings and the whole creation. It is the highest plane of the universal […]

(Read also my blog about the International Network of Excellence.) 1. Present situation Business and economical cooperation are built today on questionable values like deficiency, exploitation, cheating, unhealthy dependency, new forms of master and slave relations, etc. where a benefit for the consumer or worker is only a side effect but not the aim itself. […]

(Please read first my blog about the International Association for the Support of Positive Values) Statutes 1. Present situation A lot of changes have taken place in the last hundred years in life, society, tradition, religion, business and the personal attitude towards humans and creation. These changes meant technical progress but came along with big […]

Bardon shaped the term “situation” by giving it a deeper meaning regarding the laws of metaphysics. But I don´t want to talk about this. I want to speak about initial situations, situations which allow special experiences, life changing experiences. We human beings grow by making new experiences and new experiences require special situations. Only in […]


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