The problem of good and bad is probably as old as mankind. And still it is full of misunderstandings and half-truths. So we have typical statements like these: “Yes, good and bad exists.” “Good and bad are relative terms, so they have no real meaning.” “God is good and the devil is evil.” “Everything is […]

Dear spiritual fellows, it was always my vision to realize a high quality, most comprehensive, universal spiritual training platform. After more than 25 years of practice and many useful further educations I am happy to say that it is now the right time to get the school started. Great knowledge from a diversity of different fields […]

When we examine society and various developments in history then we can discover a fascinating phenomenon. Most people and also those who have a good degree of education and intelligence do not follow those who are wise, with a refined character and high ideals. They even do not orientate themselves on such noble persons. Instead […]

Forgiveness is a master key for healing. It is an aspect of love, of compassion, of understanding and with this of wisdom. The laws of nature work in a merciless way and so does karma. Karma is neutral and so it is not punishment although people perceive it like this. The point here is that […]

In everyday life we are most of the time in the automatic mode. Thoughts, emotions, behavior, actions, – all this follows subconscious routines, impulses, stimulus and reaction. Think about what you are doing over the day and how these processes work. Even in situations where you have to make a decision, where you have to […]

Depending on the religion or philosophy people believe in a god or whomever who is judging them including a corresponding punishment if they have not followed the rules. This is “nice” and in main a product of the ideas of the priests and not really a matter of reality. Judgement, punishment and “sins” are a […]

I think that it is not for all really clear what mental magic means and so I want to write a little bit about this topic as it is very important. We human beings are creators. In main we are unconscious creators, led by unconscious impulses which create a reality which is not always positive […]


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