Quality and quantity or power are the two sides of one coin. So everything has a quality side and a quantity side. Quality means in main characteristic, ability, intention, quality itself, etc. Quantity means in main power, the amount of energy. So for example if we talk about something like love then we can speak […]

As we know there exist countless ways to heal someone or to treat yourself for healing. Healing means to restore balance, harmony and with this health. Healing takes place on the mental level, on the emotional level of the soul, on the energetic level of our energy system and at last also on the physical […]

I must really apologize that I write this article sooo late as it is such a very important or most important topic. When you understand the diabolic spirit or principle then you understand what is going on today, – what is going to climax in these days. I am not talking about a devil or […]

In spiritual discussions and teachings we often have the statement that people have to wake up. In fact and unfortunately this is exactly what mankind needs – a comprehensive awakening from the permanent and unhealthy state of hypnotic trance. We do not live in a nice world where everyone wants only the best for us. […]

Every dawn of a new day includes magic, – fascinating beautiful moments, new expectations, new aims and the fresh energy to realize them. In fact I am grateful and happy to write this article and to share it with my spiritual fellows worldwide. The end of the night is close, closer than many of us […]

Imagine that you are a devil in the shape of a human being. So you have no horns, you do not smell like hell but you are smart, looking good, etc. Besides the attractive appearance you have some “not so really nice” characteristics. You have a very big ego. You love to manipulate other people […]

The whole creation is based on duality as it is the primordial polarity which gave birth to creation. Beyond creation there is unity and unity has to separate itself into two poles to give birth to countless children, countless numbers which all go back to the number two, the two poles, plus and minus or […]


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