The whole creation is built on the principle of analogy and with this we find the male and the female principle everywhere, even in the highest spheres and in the ideas about God. Male and female are qualities, states of energy and aspects of the human nature. Male and female are the two sides of […]

The main problem of human beings is that they suffer from the veils of Maya. This means that human beings are not aware of their true or higher nature and not about the higher planes of existence, etc. Due to this they believe that they are independent beings, alone in the material world without any […]

I just want to give a few hints about the symbolism of the Ankh and the flute for your own research. The Ankh looks like a key or cross, the crux ansata. Independent from the Egyptian version we know today there are hints that this symbol evolved from an abstract statute of a human being. […]

A lot of things could be said or written about this topic and some things I have said already. I just want to point on a few aspects as a reminder that it is time to wake up. We all are used to religions here on earth and we are used to the idea that […]

When you examine a human being, then you can sense intelligence and memory in the whole body, in the whole human being but on different levels, with specific functions and specific feelings, emotions or qualities and powers. Using different words, this means that we find the whole hierarchy of planes of creation in the human […]

Life is not easy these days as we have to face countless challenges and deep changes everywhere. These changes cause states of being out of order, being not integrated as the old order is gone and the new order is permanently in change. Simplified put we can say the old order was given by nature […]

Quality and quantity or power are the two sides of one coin. So everything has a quality side and a quantity side. Quality means in main characteristic, ability, intention, quality itself, etc. Quantity means in main power, the amount of energy. So for example if we talk about something like love then we can speak […]


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