We know spaces in form of rooms in a house or in different buildings or free spaces in nature. A space is the frame where something takes place. This we call situation. So we face a certain situation in a certain space. When you are in your kitchen then you face the situation of yourself […]

Officially we have five senses, – vision, audition, feeling, smell and taste. From a spiritual point of view it is a little bit different. Here we do not focus directly on the single senses but we use the fivefold key and the threefold key of wisdom for a deeper understanding. The fivefold key: Akasha element […]

I present here three useful meditations to help yourself. The first one is about getting rid of all the bad mental, emotional and energetic stuff you do not need at all (Cleaning). The second meditation is about integrating all aspects of yourself which has a great healing effect. The third meditation is about vitalizing yourself […]

In fact there exist only two main states in creation, – the state of abundance and the state of deficiency. Human beings are often somewhere between these poles. God is absolute abundance. The greater the distance is to God, to the source of life, the greater is the deficiency. We can also say that abundance […]

Self-realization, enlightenment, the experience of unity, highest refinement, etc. are all terms which talk about the same things in the end. It is more or less equal which term you use. I choose self-realization here to talk about two main aspects of the changes which happen. Most amazing are those people who believe that there […]

I love martial arts and I have a very deep connection to them. I have a green belt in Judo and a black belt in Hapkido. Due to my spiritual studies I have a different perspective on martial arts and I want to share some thoughts with you. Martial arts were developed because of the […]

On the spiritual path the seeker has to face many challenges. One big challenge is to face your own darkness, your dark side. You have to fight your own demons and you should win in the end. This sounds quite metaphoric but it has a deeper or hidden truth. Our own “demons” are no real […]


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