Many spiritual people have problems in their lives. On the one hand the spiritual attitude in an atheistic-materialistic society with pure “money making” orientation is not helpful but indeed contra productive. And on the other hand spiritual people often have a long history of spiritual dedication which includes several incarnations and corresponding problems. With a […]

We have many religions in the world. All proclaim that they have divine origins, that they come directly from God or the gods. Sometimes the religious founder proclaims to be divine or to be sent by God or to speak in the name of God while all other people – more than 99,999% – haven´t […]

Today we meet everywhere nice sayings of wise people, especially on facebook. They are often set on a nice picture with a nice face of a wise man. These sayings are from all kinds of religions and spiritual traditions but also from famous people, rich guys, successful celebrities and so on. Somehow it makes people […]

Recently I had to read some pages full of wisdom, – esoteric mainstream wisdom. What is so amazing about this special kind of “wisdom”? It is fascinating when you have a psychological background and when you have a comprehensive understanding of the laws of nature. Let´s imagine that there is a problem. And you spend […]

I believe in Teletubbies and you? Are you informed about the higher truths? Do you know the latest revelations of scientific research? No? Then it is time to enlighten you! Thanks to the great effort and hard work of Dr. No Sense from the well-known and internationally accepted Institute for Ancient History in New York […]

Today I want to share some thoughts about the countless stories which are circulating especially in our times. It is important to take a deeper look on them. In the former times we just had fairy tales, legends, holy books and texts about historical events. Today we have a lot of so-called “theories” and “facts”, […]

Sura Training: To all those who want to join – please finish your entrance exams or ask me to send you the papers! If you like to donate to push the realization of the Sura Training websites and the content, then please use the gofundme website or use paypal to send me directly your donations: […]


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