On the spiritual path the seeker has to face many challenges. One big challenge is to face your own darkness, your dark side. You have to fight your own demons and you should win in the end. This sounds quite metaphoric but it has a deeper or hidden truth. Our own “demons” are no real […]

As long as mankind exists people have been suffering from the evil, – human evilness, respectively the dark side of the human nature. So it is an interesting question where this darkness comes from, – why people are evil and destructive without any mercy, why people enslave, exploit and torture other people and all kinds […]

White light is a great medium for healing in general and I have written already about this topic. I want to add today a few techniques which are might not used normally. The basis is to imagine a space of brilliant white light, maybe divine light. Normally you place yourself into the center of this […]

The air element has a very special nature and cannot really be compared with the “normal” other three elements. The air element is the space between fire and water, between these two real poles. Only in this space life can take place. Only here is a life providing, maintaining energy given. It is not too […]

I dedicate this article to my friend and spiritual brother Victor Catalin as it was his idea to work in this way. The question was how to cause positive changes in a most efficient and simple way. Changes need two things, – first you have to get rid of your blockades and second you have […]

The whole creation is built on the principle of analogy and with this we find the male and the female principle everywhere, even in the highest spheres and in the ideas about God. Male and female are qualities, states of energy and aspects of the human nature. Male and female are the two sides of […]

The main problem of human beings is that they suffer from the veils of Maya. This means that human beings are not aware of their true or higher nature and not about the higher planes of existence, etc. Due to this they believe that they are independent beings, alone in the material world without any […]


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