Dear Readers, I am going to close this blog on wordpress as I have moved it to the new address Please check if you still receive the latest blog posts. The technical frame has changed and I am not sure if I was able to move the whole blog successfully. So in worst case you […]

Dear readers and spiritual fellows, my blog moves to a new domain:  I think that you do not need to change anything. Just be aware that the blog has a new address. It is a first step of the coming changes in my online presence. The SURA ACADEMY will start hopefully in October on […]

Dipl. Ing.

We human beings have countless problems which provide countless questions which ask for answers. While it seems that only complex answers can offer real satisfaction for the complex questions, we can approach everything also from the opposite pole, – the pole of simplicity. Only here we get the really good answers. It is the mystery […]

Many spiritual people have problems in their lives. On the one hand the spiritual attitude in an atheistic-materialistic society with pure “money making” orientation is not helpful but indeed contra productive. And on the other hand spiritual people often have a long history of spiritual dedication which includes several incarnations and corresponding problems. With a […]

We have many religions in the world. All proclaim that they have divine origins, that they come directly from God or the gods. Sometimes the religious founder proclaims to be divine or to be sent by God or to speak in the name of God while all other people – more than 99,999% – haven´t […]

Today we meet everywhere nice sayings of wise people, especially on facebook. They are often set on a nice picture with a nice face of a wise man. These sayings are from all kinds of religions and spiritual traditions but also from famous people, rich guys, successful celebrities and so on. Somehow it makes people […]


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