Ray´s books

I have written several books full of hints for the spiritual development. In the core they are based on the teachings of Franz Bardon but I have integrated the main inner teachings of the different spiritual traditions.

On the one hand spiritual seekers can feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of teachings and literature today. On the other hand we live in a time where the old secret teachings of all spiritual traditions have been unveiled. Everyone is able today to choose his individual path to enlightenment. So these are great chances for progress.

Besides the great revealments of the main spiritual traditions there is one uniting, universal core which one author has described. Franz Bardon, one of the highest initiates in the mysteries of God and creation, has shown the universal steps, milestones of human development which are valid for all religions, cultures, traditions and times. He presents the keys for a complete understanding of the human nature, the nature of God and how creation works. Therefore all my books are based primarily on his teachings, teachings which integrate all other inner teachings.

Please check out my bookstore at Lulu.com! Meanwhile you can get all my books as ebooks in the kindle format at Amazon.

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